Meant to be

There’s nothing quite like starting a new day with some wonderful news. After being in suspense for 3 months ever since I got the first inkling that this was in the offing, I woke up today to the news that Wanting & Calvin are (finally! and officially!) engaged! CONGRATS!!!!

I’m truly happy for them because this is one of the rare instances of engagements where there is no nagging doubt, no matter how little, at the back of my head. They are one couple that simply fit. They understand each other like nobody else does, and they make each other contented and happy just by being themselves to each other. As trite as it sounds, this is one rare couple that completes each other. :)

I can’t wait to yum seng at their wedding!

Ting, I’ve always felt like I could entrust you to Calvin, for it’s always been clear to me how much he loves you and how well he takes care of you in exactly the way you need. The road is still long… I pray that you will both cherish your love and never stop making life beautiful for each other. Congrats!


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