Good morning Singapore

We touched down at 5:30a.m. this morning and arrived back home just in time to open our apartment’s windows to the first tendrils of dawn. Irresistibly, the upbeat melody of Good morning Baltimore (from Hairspray) played in my head… except I felt like singing, “Good morning Singapore!”

The flight back was uneventful though it had begun relatively tediously. We had (with Wing Kwong’s help) earlier dragged 5 luggages (not counting our back-packs) 5 blocks through mid-town Manhattan’s busy and unfriendly streets (neither drivers not pedestrians cared to give way to three people hauling suitcases) to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. I must say, our new Samsonite “Spinner” suitcases make walking with luggage a LOT more painless. These babies can be wheeled in any of the 4 directions… u don’t even have to drag it. U can push it in front of you or roll it along beside you. I simply love them!

The ride on the Manhattan Airport Express Coach was smooth (we had the entire coach to ourselves!) and we arrived at the airport early. You’d think that was a good thing, right? But when we checked in our luggages, we were both (randomly?) flagged by Newark Airport’s system for additional security screening. Fortunately, that was both quick and painless. :P

During the flight, Zibin and I chewed on the No Jet-Lag pills that my professor had been recommending me for years. They’re a homeopathic remedy which means they’re completely natural and have no medicinal effects… they just help your body adjust back quicker. I’ve got to say that so far, the effect has been great. We arrived alert and energized and managed to fit in yoga, light cleaning, shower, big loads of laundry, and a relatively long drive to see our TCM doctor. Though we weren’t exhausted, we decided to take an afternoon nap for rest, and upon waking up I’m deliciously awake and alert! The next few days will show if the No Jet-Lag pill lives up to its name. Still, I’m already sufficiently impressed to find out if it can be purchased in Singapore, and it can! It is available in many places, including Guardian pharmacies and Watson’s. No harm checking it out for your next long-haul flight:

Random things during the 18 hr flight:
– Other than the 2 meals, I ate one plum, one yoghurt, half an egg and cheese bagel, one cup noodle and one granola bar (on my flight to NY I had just one yoghurt and one granola bar as snack!)
– I watched Enchanted for a third time (first time in the cinema, second time on my flight to NY…)
– I managed to finish a Korean comedy (Going By the Book) that I couldn’t finish during my last flight, this time with Zibin laughing along as well!
– I managed to catch quite a bit of sleep

Reasons I’m happy to be home again:
– It’s back to just me and Zibin at home again! It’s nice!
– Fried bee hoon for breakfast! Prata’s just downstairs! ha ha…
– Internet access at will! :P
– I get to sleep in my nice big king-sized bed again
– I’ll get to see my family and friends in Singapore again soon!

Reasons I’m “not-so-glad to” be back:
– The humidity!
– Paying bills (though ZB did that… heh)
– The apartment needs a once-over major cleaning
– Loose ends still need to be tied up with apartment in Toronto which I haven’t had time or energy to do yet
– Unpacking. *sobs*
– Back to work!!! :)

Oh… and I managed to finish uploading the photos I wish to share from this trip. Yay! So drop by and check out the updated album Toronto Spring 2008 and the new album NYC April 2008 .

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