Of 'young love'

I vividly remember my first crush back in 1987. I was 8 years old and my family had just relocated to London, Ontario for a year.

I was the new kid in class, and the only Asian girl. As we were lining up to go back into the classroom after recess, the class bully who happened to be standing behind me started making fun of me. He gave me a sudden shove and I lost my balance, falling towards the jacket hooks on my right. The boy in front of me whirled around and caught me in mid-fall. He glared at the bully (who was a good head taller than him) and said, just like in those cheesy books and dramas, “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

My hero’s name was Jeffrey Ezpieck. He had sandy blond hair and blue-grey eyes. He was a quiet boy who liked to read (which was my one true passion back in those days). We never kept in touch after I left Canada, but I’ll always remember him as my little hero.

Why this sudden reminiscing? Well, I had a wonderful weekend with Zibin when we left our car at home and took the MRT and bus to town. Teasing each other and laughing as we took public transport and walked around Orchard Rd made me feel like we were dating again (except perhaps that I no longer feel my face burning when he holds my hand :P). Among the many things we talked about was his first crush in primary school and how excited he had been when she held a party at her house. Zibin actually took care to dress nicely for her! So cute!

Then, I chanced upon a song yesterday that bathed my mind anew with images of first crushes and young love. I didn’t know of this song before, but it is classic boyband and it just made me feel about 15 years old again.

So here’s a dedication to the ‘us’ of our youths and the highs and lows we experienced when we were crazy about someone, and felt like if he/she could be with us, we would “be in heaven… could do anything, stand on my head and sing…!”

A1 – If you were my girl

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