My kind of heroine

The other day Yinwei made a passing comment that has lingered in my mind. We were talking to Bea & Ivy about dramas, and she told them that the kind of heroines I like are all ‘one kind’ one… like Da Chang Jin, or Joo Yoo-Rin of My Girl that kind… women of intelligence and tenacity. She went on to say that I cannot stand heroines that are ‘weak’, silly or helpless, no matter how cute or pretty they are. Yinwei was stating the obvious, but I was a little taken aback because I never thought about it in those terms exactly.

I realized then that the heroines I really liked ever since I was little were those possessing a certain combination of qualities I admire. They have:

– Keen intelligence usually displayed by quick wit and a strong ability to strategize and problem-solve or to learn new things
– A kind and compassionate heart that spurs them to always choose the more difficult but loving path in times of adversity
– Strong principles they live by with deep integrity and consistency
– A sunny disposition and the ability to generate positivity and warmth even in the vilest of circumstances
– A steely strength of will that enable them to pick themselves up when they fall and persevere no matter what
– Maturity of thought and spirit that is reflected in their ability to make responsible decisions and take care of themselves and others

These are characteristics I’ve always loved and strove to emulate, and it’s no wonder why. It’s because my original heroine possesses those very same qualities and I’ve always been crazy about her…



  1. Er.. this one also must blog ah….. haha…

    I also like Da Chang Jin la… actually more than Yoo-Rin :)

  2. Aiyah the main point of this entry is in the last couple of lines… the beginning is just meant to serve as an interesting segue mah. :P

    And of course lah, Da Chang Jin is an epic heroine leh, really really ‘wei3 da4’ kind! Just like the drama also is grander and more epic. JYR is more ‘qin1 qie4’.

    To me, comparing the 2 dramas and heroines is like comparing Les Miserables and Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat. The first had me in awe, but I had a more fun time with Joseph.

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