Yesterday I found out that a friend’s mother has cancer and had just undergone a major operation. Reading her blog brought tears to my eyes. Her sadness, fear, love, and helplessness at her mom’s illness… her mother’s wondering if she would live to see her next birthday… her helping her mom trim her nails, wear her socks… her mom saying “I love you” to her for the first time in her life…

It brought me back to the time when my mom was diagnosed with cancer, and the sense of helplessness I felt then. My mother, who had been my world to me in my growing up years, who has given me so much that I could never repay her, for those dreadful few weeks I feared I would never have the chance to take care of her in return. Though thankfully she’s now cancer free, the regular check-ups she has to go for to see if the cancer has returned and every time a new piece of flesh is taken for biopsy is a stark reminder to me of her mortality.

My heart aches for my friend and her family. I know this is a harrowing, difficult, and very private time for them. I know there is nothing I can do for them except pray. Pray for her mother’s physical recovery, but even more than that, for her mother’s inner healing so that even in this difficult time she may have peace, love, and hope.

Please join me to pray for my friend’s mother, and for the entire family too. May God send His angels to guard them. May God give them grace to walk this difficult journey hand in hand, heart with heart. Let’s pray for faith, for courage, and above all, for love!

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