Never enough

Even though I see you everyday, these days it never seems enough. We’re always busy doing things that need to be done, spending time with people we need to spend time with… even though I love that we can do all these things together, still, I miss having more quality time alone with you.

Time really is a luxury. Those months we had together in Toronto and Cornell were really precious when we had as much time as we wished to hang out, study, cook, laugh, talk and watch movies and sitcoms together.

I know I should be grateful already for being able to see you every day. But still, I can’t help missing you. As much as I love being with others and doing activities on my own, I still can’t get enough of time with you.

Do you think it will still be this way 10 years, 20 years down the road? I hope so… cos I can always do with more time with you!

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