4 August 2008

We started our anniversary celebration with a rather over-dressed breakfast at the West Coast Park McDonalds.

Then, we were off to the Singapore Flyer where we finally got to use the 2 open tickets hubby previously bought. It was good to go on a Monday morning when there was no crowd to jostle with!

I had fun taking pics of my hubby… and of the view (which was a less compelling subject for me!)

Benjamin Sheares Bridge

We took a few self-portraits too, which, as Zibin pointed out to my satisfaction, portrayed me as having a much smaller face than him!

It was sunny and hot when we started the ride, but just as our cabin reached the highest point of the flyer, we got caught in a downpour! It was SUCH an exhilarating experience, and I loved the photo-op that the cascading rain provided. Amazingly, the sun was blazing again shortly after we finished our ride.

After our ride on the Flyer, we plonked ourselves down at the Kenko Fish Spa and fed our footsies to the fishies! It was a very ticklish affair, and my hubby could barely keep his feet in the water for a minute each time before lifting his legs clear out of surface! It was an interesting experience, but we are certain it would be our only such experience… brrrr!

After the fishies finished nibbling on our feet, we made our way to Togi, an authentic Korean restaurant on Mosque St, to try their soon du bu (soon tofu). It didn’t come close to Buk Chang Dong’s soon tofu in Toronto’s Koreantown, but it was a nice meal nevertheless. :)

After lunch we went home, changed into more comfortable gear and took the MRT to Woodlands Regional Library where we picked books off the shelves and indulged in an hour of leisure reading and hot tea at the library’s cafe. In the evening, we welcomed our new washing machine and enjoyed a hearty pasta meal at home with John & Cathy and at their expense.

It was a sweet day because the two of us got off our lazy bums to actually do some things we had wanted to do but never got around to doing. *heh*

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