Birthday sentiments

It’s a lovely thing that the only 2 people that have ever been described as my ‘other-half’ celebrate their birthdays one day after the other. Yesterday, my husband turned 30. Today, my former ‘partner-in-crime’ in the SNGS prefectorial board turns 29! Happy Birthday you lovable, crazy, corny loons!

I feel so blessed that you are both in my life – the most wonderful husband I could have ever hoped for, and an amazing life-long friend… two people with whom I can share not only my love with, but also the struggles and triumphs of my relationship with Christ. Thank you both for loving me and for making my life so interesting and so full of laughter and warmth… and for being such sterling companions in our shared journey of faith.

Happy Birthday Zibin & Ivy! :D


  1. they say birds of a feather flock together.. so here’s from one loon to another!
    thanks for coming guys, really so happy u pp were there. please save some stories for my wedding..*ahem* thanks to you ann, my church pp think im boy crazy?? hello!?!

  2. Vee dahling, don’t fear I can’t ever run out of stories about you! *grin* And hey, you were the one who opened the can of worms remember? :P

    We had so much fun there! Thank you for having us!!

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