Of babies galore and super moms

Beatrice gave birth to her first-born yesterday! A sweet little miniature of herself with lots and lots of really black hair. I held baby Clara for the first time this afternoon, and looking at her, I can’t help but marvel at how perfect she is, and how amazing God is!

Then, through the magic of Facebook, I found out that an old schoolmate of mine has given birth to her twins today! I’ve been following her pregnancy for a while, and this woman has looked gorgeous every step of the way. Now she has three beautiful kids… and twins to boot! As challenging as that will be, I’ve got a feeling that she’ll take it all in her stride.


I found out yesterday that one of my new friends has 3 kids, lives with her in-laws, holds a full-time job and does all the housework. Even more amazing, her sister, a full-time teacher, has 5 children and also does her own housework. The only outside help she had was to have lunch prepared for her kids when she’s at work. She does three loads of laundry a day! Well with 5 kids, that’s little wonder. But I was just staggered by it. Completely awed. It’s inspiring to know of contemporary working mothers in Singapore who can juggle so many children with a job and no maid. I mean, such a scenario is common in Canada… but certainly not in Singapore, right? They’ve just upped the ante for me. Not that I’m saying I want to be that much of a heroine, but still… it makes me want to try pushing the envelope a bit more.

Speaking of heroines, does anyone have experiences to share of post-childbirth without confinement nanny or a mom/ mom-in-law staying full-time? I have a neighbour who coped on her own (super kudos to her!), and I know Mary-Ann didn’t have stay-in help either but so far they’re the only ones I know in more recent times. I’d love to find out more about such experiences!


  1. Hee, can I say my mother and my mother-in-law did all that on their own? :) Caring for two kids, wash, cook, bathe etc etc on their own? No confinement nanny, no maid, no mother/mother-in-law? :)

  2. Ha ha of course you can! But I know many more people of our parents’ generation did it on their own. So many of them did it on their own that I can’t help wonder why I rarely hear of new mums these days doing that. That’s why I’d like to hear of the experiences of people closer to our age, in current day Singapore, who do it. I’d like to hear what they say about it!

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