Late night 'television'

Once, in reply to an observation that we had no TV in the master bedroom, the husband had cheekily replied, “We are each other’s TV.”

Last night Zibin had a late meeting after his course ended so I attended Fr. Arro’s talk without him. Upon arriving home at 11:20p.m. and looking very tired, Zibin asked me to fill him in on the talk. It had been another wonderful session with Fr. Arro and I had plenty to share, so I gladly did. What I didn’t expect was that we segued into other conversation topics, and Zibin started sharing animatedly about the insights he had been gaining at the course he’s been attending.

2 hours later we were still talking, taking turns to change the conversation topic to some new idea we wanted to bring to the table. He comments, “We really are each other’s TV. Do you feel like we keep switching between two channels?”

My personal TV comes with a sleep timer too. I was still enjoying the program when Zibin suddenly announced that he was going to go to sleep within the next 5-10 mins. As usual, his estimation was way off. Within the next 60 seconds, my night-time TV program was off, and I was left instead with a lullaby of snores to see me off to Dreamland…

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