A day to think of T.O.

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought of Toronto so often in a day and with such nostalgia.

It started this morning when the husband and I were at Vivocity for Tengah Air Base’s anniversary cohesion day. While looking for a place to sit and wait for him during the employees-only lucky draw, I considered going into Starbucks (which, by the way, I virtually never patronize). While staring at Starbucks, I was suddenly hit with a longing for Second Cup. That was my first whammy of Toronto today.

Later on, I walked into Zara (also the first time I stepped into Zara in Singapore since coming back in August 2007). They had a beautiful selection of coats and jackets. One, in particular, I could imagine Wanting purchasing (and wearing of course!). Another would have suited Melissa. Suddenly I was transported back to Toronto and I could imagine seeing these coats on the street. And I wished I was wearing one too. With boots.

Finally, this evening, the husband and I settled down to watch The Incredible Hulk (the one starring the delectable Edward Norton) on a rental dvd. We exclaimed in excitement when we saw the steps of the Medical Science Building in U of T on the TV screen. We rewinded just to make sure. We soon realized there really wasn’t any need for us to do that because there was too much Toronto and U of T in the rest of the film to be over-looked.

Front Campus. University College. Convocation Hall. Gerstein Library. Sanford Fleming Building. Galbraith Building. St. George Street. Koffler Student Centre. Victoria College. St. Michael’s College. It wasn’t just building façades either. We recognized alleys between buildings, staircases and hallways we had frequented before. And of course there was the city, particularly Yonge St. where the climactic battle between the Hulk and the Abomination took place. Sam the Record Man’s bright sign… Dundas St…

It’s the most I have seen and recognized of Toronto in any film… in a long time. I gotta say, it was pretty cool. :)


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