Teddy bear and chocolate

My hubby came home last night carrying a teddy bear and a box of chocolates. They weren’t for me.

ZB:“My WO (warrant officer) so cute… went on a trip and bought me this souvenir.”

I took a look at the cute soft toy and chocolates and pictured one of the ‘uncles’ I had met among his WOs. Something didn’t click… it tickled me that one of those ‘uncles’ would give another man a teddy bear and chocolates.

I repeated, “One of your WOs gave you this?”

ZB:“Yep. She very funny hor.”
Me:*in relieved understanding* “Oh! It’s a woman! No wonder…”

Belatedly, it struck me that I was being relieved that it was a WOMAN that had given him the teddy bear and chocolate. So, for the sake of asking…

Me:“How old is she?”
ZB:“Dunno…fifty-something?” (as I had expected)
Me:“Is she married?”

I read the card on the teddy bear and recognized the name of someone I had met at one of his work functions.

Me:“Oh, it’s Jenny! Ah ok ok… this is nice!”

The note was short but heart-warming and sincere in its sentiment of appreciation. It made me smile.

I give my darling a hug. I’m happy for him.

I’d heard him say before that at times this particular WO gives him quite a challenge at work because she’s protective and loyal to her men to a fault. To me, that makes the gift and note all the more wonderful.

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