Visiting Master Althan Ng

Zibin and I visited Althan and his Papa and Mama this past Friday. What a treat it was!

Althan performed a Doraemon song and dance which he had choreographed himself.

As the host, he offered us a choice of drinks. When I asked him what the choices were, Althan read the labels “Honey(suckle)”, “Ice Lemon Tea” and “Green Tea” accurately and served us what we chose.

At one point, I asked him, “Althan, may I ask you a question?” I was expecting either a “yes” or a “no”… instead, Althan responded with, “Is the question difficult?”

Uncle Henry (Zibin)’s reputation as a joker has no doubt been noticed by Althan. After Zibin shared a particularly funny story about what Althan’s Papa and he did back in Toronto days, Althan asked, “Uncle Henry, are you joking or lying?” And after yet another funny story, he quipped, “Uncle Henry, you must be joking!”

Althan also gave us identification stamps on the back of our hands. He explained to us that the hosts (i.e. his papa, mama and he) get a particular kind of stamp while the guests get a different one.

Among the many questions he asked us that day…

“Aunty Ann, what are cartwheels?” (He heard me mention the term and later I showed him what cartwheels are using one of his soft toys :P)

“Uncle Henry, do pilots work on weekends?”

He showed us the train station he built with lego blocks, and the many art drawings he has made which are proudly displayed on the walls.

But my favourite moment of the visit was when we mentioned the RSAF Open House we had visited together. Sin Teck said that Althan had been reading the booklet he received from the event, and sure enough, when he was asked who the Chief of the RSAF was, Althan declared it – “Ng CHICKEN!” (Actual name Ng Chee Khern)

That’s not all! Althan had even made a drawing (with some help I guess?) inspired by said Chief of Air Force and it had me in stitches.

We certainly look forward to the next time we see Althan again!

Althan learning to ride his bike without training wheels with Uncle Henry


  1. Hello Ann & Zibin. I read this blog entry to Althan, and he could not stop grinning throughout, occasionally giving out small chuckles while looking at the screen. He would not leave his seat (i.e. Pa Pa’s lap) even after I have finished reading the entire entry, insisting that there are more :D

    We had a most enjoyable day with you 2 too! looking forward to our next one!

  2. oh, and about the chicken drawing…

    you are right. Althan did not draw it himself. what happened was, one evening, he suddenly requested that I draw a chicken for him, without giving specific reasons. so, i drew him one. as i was finishing it up, he started to laugh uncontrollably, exclaiming “NG CHICKEN! NG CHICKEN!”, and he proceeded on to add the colours.

    “Ang Poot Poot Chicken” must have been a derivation from “NG CHICKEN”. i am also not sure what goes on in his little mind sometimes :)

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