Sick of being sick

What a way to start 2009! Since the stroke of midnight on Jan 1, I’ve been S.I.C.K. Interestingly enough, my parents and John were all sick around the same time too. And I don’t live together with them! Thankfully, the one I am living with seems relatively unaffected. :P

I suppose I’m more or less at the tail end of the illness (that’s what I keep hearing). The sore throat, chills, bodyaches and fever-like symptoms are gone and I’m left with an annoyingly persistent cough and a pair of lungs just loaded with sticky phlegm that my coughing fits unfortunately cannot hack up. And everything I put in my mouth taste like sawdust.

I’m taking antibiotics as well as taking TCM medicine and other home-made concoctions that are supposed to help me recover. Been eating almost nothing except porridge, fish, or rice with soup since last week. sigh… sianz!

I don’t think I was this sick the whole of 2008. I guess I was due. Yeesh. :P


  1. porridge, fish, or rice with soup sianz har? don’t worry. we’ll go to the tze-char stall together once you recover, ok? forgot to tell you…the evening went really well. Althan likes the food, and the Auntie likes Althan! Althan told her the food was good (in English-sounding Mandarin). Auntie was really pleased, and she ended up giving him 2 pieces of chocolate, and a tennis ball! haha…

  2. WAAH! Yes, would LOVE to eat there with your family after I get well! Zibin and I haven’t been there in a long time. What did u guys order that Althan liked so much?

  3. we ordered what you recommended, the sweet-sour fish (with the sauce by the side. Althan has not acquired taste for tomatoes yet, so he ate the fish without the sauce). Also ordered fried rice with salted fish, claypot chicken, shrimp fu-rong egg…

  4. ST: How interesting that you ordered shrimp fu-rong egg cos that’s ZB’s favourite! ha ha…

    YW: Am getting better dear! Just annoyed that I’ve still no strength and everything I eat tastes and feels weird still. :P

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