Health status update

I’m so grateful for the kind wishes and prayers that have been expressed for my recovery to health! A little update: I went to see my family doctor again today cos I’ve been coughing pretty violently. In fact, I woke up with sore ribs this morning!

Good news is that the bacterial infection has cleared and I’m not contagious anymore (even though my coughing will surely still scare anyone within 2 meters of me). I just have a lot of residual phlegm in my airways to clear, and immunity level is still low so I’m to be careful of not catching some other virus/bacteria. Doctor predicts coughing symptoms will take another few days to clear (whatever it is I caught, it’s expected to last 14 days before full recovery).

I was alarmed and amused when the doctor checked my ribs to make sure I didn’t fracture them from the coughing. Ha ha… she was just being solicitous cos I complained my ribs were sore. Fracture usually happens only if violent coughing lasts beyond 2 weeks. In my case, I’ve just strained my muscles. Feels as if I’ve done some serious abdominal workout instead of lying and sitting around for the last week. :P

Now I’m worried about the husband cos he seems to feel like he’s starting to come down with something… hope he stays well!

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