Surpassing expectations

Today I had a lunch appointment with Assoc. Prof Ng Pak Tee (NIE), another one of my thesis committee members. The purpose was to tell him that I have decided to take a leave of absence from my PhD studies.

I was not apprehensive at all as I knew that as a Christian himself, he would be understanding about my reasons. But God surpassed my expectations yet again, for not only was my “Lao Shi” as I call him understanding, he was excited about this development! I was touched too, that even after I told him the news, he introduced me to at least 3 more people we passed by as his PhD supervisee (he hasn’t ditched me!).

He treated me to a long lunch during which he listened to the story of my receiving my calling and shared with me some of his own experiences. It turned out to be the first time in our years of knowing each other that our faith came to the forefront of our conversation. I was astounded by his complete faith in my calling and his encouragement to not worry about my studies for now and go ‘full force ahead’. He expressed his conviction that God has plans for me and that all will be revealed in His time. And what touched me most was that he repeatedly told me that I must tell him if there is any way that he can support me on this new path that I am taking. He said that when God gives one Christian a calling to serve Him in ministry, it is a calling to the Christians surrounding her to support her fully in every possible way. We parted ways with him reminding me to keep him updated every few months about what I’m doing and that he really wants to help me in any and every possible way.

As I walked down the steps to the bus-stop, I felt completely dazed with euphoria and amazement. I felt my heavenly Father smiling at my shock and being infinitely pleased at my reaction to this latest show of His providence.

As my “Lao Shi” had quipped earlier, “When God gives, He doesn’t hold back. If we trust Him, we can go all the way.”

I love you GOD! You’re amazing! Help me to remember all this so that when the going gets tough and when I can’t feel Your presence, I will have the strength that I need to persevere!


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