10 years of being a team

Today, Henry and I celebrate our 10th anniversary of being a couple. And true to our pattern, there are no special plans whatsoever. We had in fact taken the day off, but are both needed back at work today, and in capacities which we cannot responsibly shirk off.

So he’s returning to work this morning to facilitate a workshop, and I am back at work planning for a very important event for the main committee of Paul The Musical. In fact, Henry will be joining me this evening in church to facilitate the planned event.

But you know what? We have never been happier. In our last 2 months of marriage, we have both been so busy, and not just our weekdays, but our weekends too, that we have never truly ‘slacked’. But our lives are so filled with meaning and purpose now, we are so much more aware of our identity and mission as a couple, and we are embarking on so many projects together, that we have never felt closer or more in sync with each other.

In fact, just the other day, Henry turned to me and asked, “How did we live before this? Now that we have experienced this, how can we ever be satisfied again ‘nuah-ing’ as we did before when we had time to spend together?” It’s so true.

Last night, a friend casually commented that I’m a workaholic (because truly, this entire week I’ve been working from early morning to late at night with no breaks in between except for meals), and I laughed out loud. Why? Because NEVER would I have EVER imagined that I would be called such a term. I’m such a lazy person! But Fr. W. Goh was right – he had told me that the reason I was ‘lazy’ was because I haven’t found the right motivation in life. NOW, without anyone chasing me, I am working harder than I ever had in my life, and what’s more, it energizes me and motivates me and makes me even more creative and driven.

I am volunteering full-time in church. And counter-intuitively perhaps, the fact that I don’t earn a cent for my work makes me even more motivated. I feel freer and more liberated to serve wherever I am needed. I have made more friends, and had more meaningful encounters in the last 2 months, than I have ever had in my whole life. I have never experienced being used so fully and efficiently, and I am allowing myself to be used with utmost joy. Because I am sharing my being – all of my being – everything that God gave me, with others in service to the Lord my God.

I was so touched the other day when two different people commented to me that my husband and I obviously adore each other. We are indeed truly very blessed in each other. And I am so happy that we are on the same page – that we are journeying shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand. We are knights for Christ, riding off into battle beside each other with the same vision and mission to serve our First Love with all our heart and soul.

On this, our 10th anniversary of being a couple, I ask you, dear readers, to pray for us as a couple. Please pray that we will be faithful to each other, and that we will deepen our prayer lives as a couple. Pray for us that we will love each other more each day, and that we will continue to be generous with our lives and any blessing that God gives us. Pray that we will give as freely as we receive, and that we will trust in our Heavenly Father completely for everything.

Almighty and most loving Father,

All glory and honour and praise be to you! I just want to say ‘thank you’ for answering my childhood prayer – for giving me the most wonderful husband, the perfect husband for me. In him and through him I experience your unconditional love, your tender approval and your protective embrace. Father, please help me to love Henry more and more, to honour him and obey his leadership in all that you direct him to do for our family. Keep me chaste and faithful always. Amen!

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