Girl's Night Out at CSC

Yesterday was the last day of our Catholic Schools ‘Promo Run’ for Paul the Musical. We had eleven schools to cover in the east of Singapore, and it would have been impossible for one team to cover in an afternoon. As always, God provided, and our new full-time Pastoral Assistant at St. Mary’s volunteered to help and so we had two cars (thus two teams). We finished just in time before schools closed for the day. We covered 35 campuses plus the Singapore Pastoral Institute (SPI) and Catholic Spirituality Centre (CSC) all around Singapore in 5 days. We never expected we could do it, but we did with the Lord going ahead of us, and we had such a wonderful time of it!

I had the pleasure of bringing three new friends to the Catholic Spirituality Centre (CSC) for Fr. William Goh’s new talk series on Christian Joy. All four of us are currently serving at St. Mary of the Angels. There was C, our new Pastoral Assistant whose focus is on the Young Adults scene; L, a fresh grad from NUS who is the Production Manager for Paul the Musical and working on this full-time now; and S, a young professional who quit her well-paying job recently and who volunteers at HeARTspace (St. Mary’s art therapy studio), and who is looking to further her studies in counselling and art therapy.

After mass, Fr. Goh blessed us as a parish team with a special prayer, and it was such a beautiful, empowering prayer! By the end of the night we were drunk on the Word of God and from praise and worship. And to my delight and surprise, all three first-timers to CSC signed up for the Conversion Experience Retreat! Talk about the Holy Spirit working fast!

It was a wonderful night to have been spent together as friends and sisters in Christ being fed in Spirit, especially because we are all working together in the parish. It is a wonderful thing to be empowered together so that we can bring the Good News to more people!

If I haven’t said so before, Friday Growth Talks at CSC are always Spirit-filled experiences. 300-400 Catholics from possibly all 31 parishes in Singapore packing an auditorium in an old building worshiping at mass and being fed by Fr. Goh’s (and guest-speakers at other times) amazing talks. You can see from so many faces the light of faith and joy being recharged and brightened at these sessions, and it is a profoundly beautiful thing to behold so many people in love with and touched by God!

Thank you, Jesus, for that wonderful gift. Thank you for these wonderful, passionate and talented women that I have the chance to work with together in your vineyard. Help us to inspire one another and bind us together in love and service for you and your people!

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