Having a true opinion of myself

For “In him we live and move and have our being.” – Acts 17:28

How foolish the lamp which takes pride in how much light it gives the room when it cannot shine without electricity or exist without the person who created it.

God is the artist who made me. God is my electricity. I am just a broken little lamp who is nothing and useless without Him. But because he loves me, and because he chose to make me whole, I can become a light for the world as he called me to be (Mt 5:14).

There is not one thing I have – no skill or knowledge or talent – that is not given by God. There is nothing I can do – not even praying or thanking God – that is not done through the grace God gives me. Not even my breath is my own, but given by God. Of what can I be puffed up about? Of what can I be proud of?

I am as transient as a flower in the field. I am here today, but can be gone tomorrow. For what purpose do I hope to achieve anything? I could lose everything I have in an instant. If not for the love of God, I am nothing. But because God loved me, I am fearfully and wonderfully made for his purpose (Ps 139:14).

I own nothing. I merit nothing. But in God I have everything, and can do all things He asks of me.

May I never forget what I am!

Dearest Lord, help me to always know myself and to remember what I am – made from dust and destined to return to dust in this earthly life. But I was made for eternity and for your love! Help me to live from eternity and for eternity even as I complete my earthly journey. Amen.

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