The grace of being sick

There’s something about being physically ill that seems to help me spiritually. Without my choosing to, I become more docile, softer, and strangely, more patient and forbearing. These are all traits that do not occur naturally in my nature and temperament.

The world seems to move past me in slow-motion, and I perceive the gap between stimulus and response more clearly. Ah, and it is this gap I need to capture better so that I can learn to be one with the eternal present in that split instance.

Being sick can be a blessing indeed, as it reminds me of the true nature of my human weakness and helplessness. I am meant to depend on the love of God, and to humbly accept the love and concern that my brothers and sisters show me.

I thank you, Lord, for these days of rest, and for the loving family and friends you bless me with! Amen.

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