Christ In Me (Paul The Musical)

Christ In Me
Music & Lyrics by Anthony Tay
Performed by Timothy Wong
Paul the Musial OST

Is it finally Christ in me?
Is it no longer I but Christ who lives in me?
Is it finally Christ that fills my soul completely?

Have I finally died to sin?
Have I finally emptied all I am to Him?
Have I finally died in Him that He may live in me?

I have run the race without compromise
Kept my focus on the prize
Given all I have to give to cross the finish line
I’ve kept the faith despite the pain
Sang his praise despite the chains
I cling to him like a branch clings to the vine

But is it finally Christ in me?
Do I finally understand what love must be?
Do I finally know what you have tried to teach me?
Time and time again my human nature overcame my will
To live the love you gave to me and nailed you to the Cross
Now I stand before you Lord, I say again you are my God
I make my final offering to You
To You…

Is it finally Christ in me….?

Lord, this is my desire – to pour my love on YOU!

Thank you for fulfilling your promise, though I always knew you would. From the start you had exhorted me that my main task in Paul the Musical was to remind everyone that this was YOUR musical and that you would see it through.

So many times in the last few months obstacles that seemed insurmountable surfaced, and so many people expressed doubt that we could accomplish what we had set out to do. And indeed, it would have been impossible for us to succeed based on human strength!

We did not have the resources, or the experience, or the knowledge to carry out something of this scale. But with every new obstacle put in our way, in my heart I knew, it was for your greater glory. For the harder the path gets, the more I knew that when the musical succeeds, none of us could say that we did it. Instead, we would all proclaim to everyone, this is due to the grace of our most high God!

So I praise you anew, Lord Jesus Christ! I thank you for the gift of St. Paul, and for choosing all of us, even before we were born, to take part in this project of yours. And thank you, for giving me the privilege to be part of this too.


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