Stillness, Silence and Sadness

I sat in the Adoration Room with the rest who are spending half an hour to meditate in the Lord’s presence. As I closed my eyes to start my meditation, my thoughts were still wandering.

I felt Him put his hand gently on my head and he said ever so gently,“Shhh… be still.”
I suddenly felt a deep stillness descend upon me. I felt myself drawn deeper and deeper into a place of great silence and stillness – I was being drawn into my inner self. Then he continued in that same gentle tone, “You must be still, because in this stillness lies my power. You must be silent, because in this silence I will give you the words to speak.”

On another day, in another Adoration Room, I sat before Him and asked, “Lord, why is there this deep-seated abyss of sadness in my soul? This sadness that seems to have been there ever since I can remember – and which I am often not even aware of?”

My Lord replied,“This sadness is a gift, my child. Just as great power comes from deep stillness, and my words come from deep silence, so too the greatest joy comes from the deepest sadness. Your gift is the gift of bringing joy to others. But in order for you to have a great capacity for joy, you must also have a great capacity for sadness.”

How beautiful an answer that was! Who can know me and love me better than my Lord? I will embrace all that he gives me and rejoice!

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