Wasting time with Jesus

I’ve heard it said that one test of true companionship is when two people are able to be with each other with no plans or agenda. When two friends can enjoy each other’s company in silence – when they can be fully present to each other without having to do anything or say anything to each other – they share a very special kind of bond.

It occurred to me today that some of the most enjoyable times I have experienced in prayer is when I ‘waste time’ with Jesus. That is when I don’t enter into prayer with any agenda – when I’m not worried about spending my prayer time ‘productively’. It’s when I enter that sacred space just to be with Him in the Blessed Sacrament – and I let myself simply be.

It’s when I’m the most real. I may read scripture, I may meditate, or I may do neither. I may kneel or sit. I may have a lot to say to him or nothing to say at all. He may have lots of things to say to me or none at all. All that matters is that I’m present to him and he’s present to me. It might be 15 mins, 45 mins or an hour. Time stands still and yet flies by… when I’m simply wasting time with Jesus. :)

Lord, I just want to remember that today, while we were hanging out, you told me that my passion to be loved is a gift from you… because that passion is for the identity that you have given me: your Beloved.

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