That excruciating journey of hope

The most painful and necessary pilgrimage is the inner journey we make into the center of our being. To come face to face with demons within us that we did not know exist; to acknowledge and accept the ugliness and weaknesses we hate within our selves; and to allow Christ – God’s Word Incarnate – to enter that tattered slum of our heart and show us that he is very comfortable there.

Lord, I am much less than the humble stable in which you were born. But come and be with me. Transform me with your love and your most beautiful presence! Make me as at home within myself as you are in me. Amen.

May we dare to believe that Christ truly desires to dwell in the humble stable of our hearts. May his fragrant presence fill us with hope and joy not because of anything he has done for us, but simply because he loves us and is always with us.

Wishing all a very Blessed Christmas!

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