My Father’s Love


I am afraid of displeasing you.
I fear losing your love.
I fear making you upset and hurt.
I fear making you disappointed in me.

That would never happen.
Look at the world and remember who I AM.
I am not your mother, or father, or husband.
I am all of them and more.
I am ALMIGHTY GOD, and my love is almighty too.

I want you to live without fear,
I want you to run free in my love,
to live as my daughter,
in the certainty of your inheritance.

You are not my slave.
You are my Beloved.
I want to create your life with you.
I want to consult you.
Together, we will discover the deepest desires of your heart
that I have planted,
and together, we will fulfill it.

I am yours, even as you are mine.
So do not be afraid, but LIVE with me.

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