Twelve Years

Twelve years have passed since that night in Toronto when we enthroned God in our hearts as the Lord of our love. We were so young then, so untried and full of youthful optimism. We had made a commitment to love God first with all the sincerity of our hearts, but with little idea of what it would cost to fulfill that promise. Since then, shame, despair, loss, sin, and fear have humbled us. Then mercy, forgiveness, love, faith, and hope redeeemed us.

God’s enduring love and faithfulness have taught us what our promise meant – that He had first committed himself to us. He had given us the grace to consecrate our love to him, and he will continue to give us the grace to live out our martyrdom.

Come Henry & Ann,

Follow me more closely,
Love me more dearly,
Trust me more deeply.

Surrender to me more completely,
so that I may fill you more fully with my life.

I will teach you to be more generous:
to love and not count the cost,
to give and not ask in return.

Abide in me as I abide in you.
I will be with you always,
till you return to me for eternity.

Loving you ever so much,

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