“Don’t be afraid to live.”

Old journal entry dated 16 September 2010

My Child,

You have often pre-empted me in your life. You made assumptions about what I would ask of you – to give up what you would want –  and so you never truly lived.

Do not worry about what I might ask you to give up, or where I might ask you to go. I want you to walk – boldly, freely, fearlessly. I want you to desire and to be honest with me about your desires – because I am the One who gave them to you.

You do not know how I work, or how I will guide you, so do not try to guess or to outsmart me. Do not believe what others tell you about me either, unless it be from one who lives in deep abiding joy and peace.

Yes, you will suffer, and you will continue to carry your crosses. But Ann, you do not know when, how, or what forms these crosses will take, so stop fearing and seeing them everywhere. Don’t be afraid to live because you are afraid of loss… don’t be afraid to choose because you’re afraid to be wrong. We are past right and wrong.

Yes, ask me to reveal to you the desires of your heart! I am there, and I will lead you….

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