Painted by God’s Love

My ardent Lover pursued me.
He lured away my greatest attachment
so that I would cleave to Him more purely.
Then He showered me with extravagant and unexpected
gifts that proclaimed His love for me:
A three-fold assurance from a near stranger,
an invitation to quality time from a dear friend,
a beloved face in a room of strangers,
and words of affirmation that touched and humbled me.

I was sad and lonely, but He said,
“That’s me painting you with my love.
I paint with all the colours of life –
with laughter and with tears, with sorrow and with joy,
with delight and with anger, with pleasure and with pain,
with loneliness and with friendship, with music and with silence.”

Tonight, I am painted by God’s extravagant love.
Let my heart be the canvas for Him to paint His dreams.
Let my life forever proclaim His glory!

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