“Your endurance will win you your lives” Jn 21:19

You came through when I needed you, as you always do. I didn’t even know what it was I needed from You. All I knew was that I was dying – from emotional exhaustion, physical fatigue and a dozen other things I could not even name. It had been too long since I had a real sabbath – a day of rest for myself alone when I did not have to worry about anyone else.

I knew I needed to rest today, but I wanted something more from You. My heart reached out to you in a mute appeal. What I needed was beyond what words could describe. I needed something… different. I needed a break. And indeed today was a day of many different things!

I called somebody whom I do not usually meet and asked her out for lunch. That led to me to go for a pilgrimage (PIMBY) that I had never planned on going. I was put in the group of someone who always mediated God’s healing presence to me. I went into buildings I had never stepped into before. God spoke clearly to me through the stories that I heard today about the pioneers of the Catholic faith in Singapore.

“Endure! Take courage! No mission is easy. Look at the fortitude of your ancestors in faith! You too must endure. I am with you to strengthen and empower you. I will not fail.”

My ancestors in faith endured hardships to have the first church in Singapore built. I too am called to the mission of church building, only God is calling me to build a church of living stones. It will not be any easier.

Will I have faith?  Will I be willing to lay down my life?  It is up to me now to give my answer.

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