Your Life In Me

To my Bridegroom

You desire to enter me,
to fill me with Your seed.
You long to be one flesh with me
but I, though desiring You, resist.

You temper your passion to a gentle flame
that I would not be alarmed at your ardour
You lie beside me, your arm encircles me
You hold me close and I hear your heartbeat.

More than your longing to be one with me
You desire that I match your yearning;
That I receive You willingly, passionately.
So You wait
Patiently, lovingly,
for my love to awaken.

Then You will enter
And I will be filled
And we will be one.

Then I will be no more
except in You

And I will be at peace.

God wants to pour his life into me. How can I – small and poor and narrow – contain the immensity of God’s life? I must be stretched. I may be broken. But I will not be discarded or lost.

How can I not have pain or suffering if Christ pours his entire life into me? I will receive everything – his hidden life in Nazareth, his ministry, his passion and death, his resurrection and glory. Everything.

When I say ‘yes’, I say yes to all of it.

He will create me anew in his image from the inside out.

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