Mirror Mirror



On the way to a wedding dinner, Henry and I came face to face with a huge mirror which made us look much taller and slimmer than we were.

“Wow!” I exclaimed as I admired my reflection. “Look how tall and slim I am. I love this mirror!”

“There’s one problem though,” my wise husband smoothly replied. “It’s lying to you.”

The truth of what he said immediately dispelled the temporary enchantment that had been cast upon me. And I pondered at how easily seduced I am by fantasy – by a beautiful lie about myself. And I realised that in my life, there have always been many such mirrors that feed on my insecurity and keep me clinging on to ‘beautiful lies’ that make me feel better about myself. But no matter how appealing, lies are still lies, and they keep me in chains. Lies enslave me to a self-image that is less than who I truly am.

Truth shatters these lying mirrors in my life until I am left with the only One in whom I am truthfully reflected – Jesus Christ.

Let it be so.

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