The sure road to heaven

Nada. Nada. Nada. 

St John of the Cross had written that the sure road to heaven was the path of nothingness. And it is by pure grace that we can tread on this path!

For it is not in our fallen human nature to hold nothing. Even as we strive towards Christ with hearts blazing with love, we cannot help but grasp what we love. We learn to let go of what is less worthy in exchange for something better. But then we find that when we hold on to what is good, even what is very good, that will in turn become something unworthy that we are asked to let go of so that we can ultimately free our hearts and hands completely for God.

Perhaps we will find in the end that we are not to possess even God. No, we will be asked to divest of ourselves so completely that we come before the Lord completely and purely ourselves. Then we can praise and love Him whole-heartedly.

I wish to withhold nothing from you, dear Lord. Give me the grace to desire nothing that you do not wish for me, and deliver me from everything that keeps me from loving you with all my heart, and mind, and strength. My hands are open Lord – open to offer you whatever you wish to take, and open to receive whatever you wish to give me. 

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