Keep it simple

Note to Self:

The Enemy is wily. He wants to keep your energy and attention focused on things that seem to be of great significance for the Kingdom of God but which in reality are really quite unimportant.

For instance, he wants you to be overly concerned with your own sanctity and on others’ spiritual progress. You see, when you expend so much energy on monitoring yourself or others, you are fooled into thinking that you are actually doing something to help yourself and others. You would do much better not to be so concerned about tracking progress and instead put your energy into actually loving Christ and loving others better. In that way you actually grow in holiness and help others to do so too.

Keep it simple:

When the Enemy tempts you to be curious about anything that does not help you make a concrete act of love for Christ or for others, refuse to entertain that curiousity! If you fall and the Enemy accuses you, acknowledge your failure wholeheartedly (wouldn’t that annoy him!) while thanking God for His mercy. Whenever you are tempted to point out the speck of sand in your neighbour’s eye, get busy with the log in your own eye first. And whenever you start getting anxious or confused, just stop, go into your inner room, and contemplate the face of Christ.

And Ann – you’re not going to get it right most of the time, so you may as well learn to laugh as you let God write straight with your crooked lines. :D

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