Mother’s Day

To mothers near, to mothers far;
To mothers here, to mothers no longer with us;
To mothers who love tenderly,
to mothers who scold us fiercely.

To mothers when they were our idols,
to mothers when they were our enemies;
To mothers when we couldn’t sleep without their embrace,
to mothers when we couldn’t wait to be away from them;
To mothers who were never present,
to mothers who smother us too much;
To mothers whom we love,
and whom we sometimes love to hate.

To mothers who never carried their child,
who grieve children lost before they were born;
To mothers who need forgiveness,
to mothers unable to forgive;
To mothers who love children not their own as if they were their own…

This day is for you, in laughter perhaps,
in tears perhaps, in anger perhaps,
in forgiveness perhaps,
But always, always, in love.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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