5 Principle Foundations of a Happy Marriage (in progress!)

From the time I was very young, I have been told that it is very important to keep Christ in the center of my relationships. But the thing was, nobody ever really taught me how to do that. I have heard many times over statements like, “Make sure God is in the center of your relationship,” or “You must pray together!” or “Make sure you grow towards Christ together.” Hmmm… oh-kaaaay…. but how…? Luckily for me, I have always thrived in situations where there is []

Mother’s Day

To mothers near, to mothers far; To mothers here, to mothers no longer with us; To mothers who love tenderly, to mothers []

Spiritual warfare

The best teacher is God our Father. The most amazing spiritual director to have is the Holy Spirit. Who else can use every aspect of my life to teach me? Direct me to literature that I need at a certain season in my life? And then supplement my readings with real experiences that bring to life what I’m reading? God has done this once before on the topics of Discernment and Spiritual Direction. This time, he’s teaching me about Spiritual Warfare, which []

God answers prayers (I): Mary

Last Saturday, during the follow-up to the Conversion Experience Retreat (CER) I attended, I had not intended to share any testimonies because I did not have any experience I really felt needed to be shared. But when testimony time came, as the facilitator was opening the session, I suddenly felt a strong prompting in my heart. “Tell them about my Mother.” I was taken my surprise, and hesitated. Again I felt my Lord urge me, “Tell them about my Mother, Ann. Tell []