Remembering those who hurt on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day isn’t a celebration for everyone. There are many who suffer their pain in silence on this day when everybody else is celebrating, and if you happen to be one of them, this post is for you.

For those without a Mother to celebrate

For those who never knew their mother,
For those whose mother had abandoned them,
For those who have never known a mother’s love,
For those who have recently lost a mother,
For those trapped in a toxic relationship with their mothers,
For those feeling betrayed by their mother,
For those struggling to forgive their mother,
For those abused by their mother,
And for those who hate their mother:

I cannot possibly fathom the full depth of your pain if you had been deprived of a mother, nor can I imagine the pain you have experienced if you have chosen to cut yourself off from your mother. Mothers are human too, and some are more broken than others. Sometimes the best they can do fall very short of what any child deserves, and that is not your fault. Whatever lot has befallen you, it need not define you. My prayer for you is that you might have healing from this wound, and that you may yet experience the joy of being mothered in some other way. And I pray that bitterness and unforgiveness will not have the last word in your life so that you might yet be truly free and at peace!

For those in pain because of Motherhood

For those who long to be mother but are unable to have children,
For those who have lost a child in the womb through abortion or miscarriage,
For those who have experienced the pain of stillbirth,
For those whose child is ill or dying,
For those who have recently lost a child to illness and death,
For those whose children have abandoned or forgotten them,
For those estranged from their children,
And for those who feel like a failure as a mother:

You are not alone, nor need your suffering define you. If you have been desiring a child and have none, you already have a mother’s heart. There are so many ways your love could make a difference to someone else in need of a mother’s love. I pray that you will find the one(s) you are meant to mother. If you are in pain because you have lost a child or children in whatever way, I wish to affirm you that you never cease to be a mother. And even if your circumstances does not allow your motherhood to be acknowledged in a visible or tangible way, you are a mother and you will always be a mother. And perhaps in a way even more than most, you understand the hidden suffering that all mothers bear because of love.

Whoever you are, whatever your circumstance, however you came to be hurt because of motherhood or a lack thereof, I hope you know you have permission to grieve or rage (or both). Where there is life and even the tiniest shred of love, there is always hope. Salvation and healing may not come in the way you anticipate, but I am praying for you that it comes and that in time your wound will become the birthplace of something more incredibly beautiful and good than you can now imagine.

You are not forgotten, you are loved. For if you were not, I would not have felt the holy burden to write this post to you. I may not know who you are, but I know you are out there, and I am praying for you.

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