My New Podcast

You know that new life transition I wrote about in my last entry? It’s this – I started a podcast! I honestly never thought I would do something like this – and it’s been so intense! Becoming Me is just the latest development in my Journey of the Heart. And I am so excited to […]

Blind Love

“Well, she’s really blind now,” the vet said at Miko’s most recent eye check-up. As Dr H loosened her hold, Miko blindly scrambled towards my general direction with a nearly toothless grin. Dr H laughed – “Blind as a bat but still so happy. And feisty!” Miko had not made the check-up easy for the […]

Be still.

Sometimes the more restless the heart is to reach out to others, the more it needs to remain in solitude in order to become still. Without stillness, our reaching out is compelled by neediness and a grasping insecurity instead of fullness and freedom of being. So dare to remain in solitude, my poor restless heart, […]