Ann Cassandra

For years I had regretted the choice of my Confirmation name.  At 14, I had felt that my baptism name ‘Ann’ was too plain. I wanted my Confirmation name to make my name more… romantic. And that’s why I chose Cassandra. I thought ‘Ann Cassandra’ had a nice ring to it. As I grew older, […]

God's love song

I woke up today feeling a little under the weather. My husband informs me with a smile that he has a meeting at MINDEF in the morning and can drop me off at the doorstep of my office. As I started work, I began to have a throbbing, splitting headache that grew steadily worse. My […]

As I am today

I am who I am, today – not yesterday, and not tomorrow. I may be wiser today than I was yesterday, but that cannot change the mistake I made yesterday for yesterday I did not yet have today’s wisdom. I might be wiser tomorrow than I am today, but tomorrow’s wisdom cannot help me with […]