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Hands Wide Open

Letting go – not because there is no choice (as I was wont to do in the past) but because it gives me joy and freedom to bless others with the same freedom with which I am loved. That is the freedom that God gives me every day… The freedom to make mistakes, to repent, […]

Mother’s Day

To mothers near, to mothers far; To mothers here, to mothers no longer with us; To mothers who love tenderly, to mothers who scold us fiercely. To mothers when they were our idols, to mothers when they were our enemies; To mothers when we couldn’t sleep without their embrace, to mothers when we couldn’t wait […]


Agnus Dei by Francisco de Zurbarán Mercy is love with real depth. It is a love that is able to bear the great tension between the holiness of God and sin. It is not rigid and unforgiving, but neither does it bend and change with the wind. Mercy is love rooted in Truth and enlarged beyond […]

Holy Saturday

Today the Earth is silent as she contemplates her Creator entombed within her womb. Beyond grief, Beyond regret, Beyond shame. Beyond agony, Beyond doubt, Beyond all thought. Here in the garden tomb there is nothing more to see or hear or touch. So let us fold the wings of our intellect for an eternal moment; Mute, let […]