Agnus Dei by Francisco de Zurbarán Mercy is love with real depth. It is a love that is able to bear the great []

An Easter Reflection

One cannot proclaim the Risen Christ merely with words; others must see the Risen Christ in our lives. They must see us diseased, but now healed; Blind, but now with sight; Mute, but now speaking boldly; Captive, but now set free; Dead, but now fully alive. To believe in the Risen Christ is not an intellectual assent, but an interior revolution of such seismic proportions that the one who has come to faith is an entirely new creation. Conversion can be sparked []

Holy Saturday

Today the Earth is silent as she contemplates her Creator entombed within her womb. Beyond grief, Beyond regret, Beyond shame. Beyond agony, Beyond doubt, Beyond all thought. Here in the garden tomb there is nothing more to see or hear or touch. So let us fold the wings of our intellect for an eternal moment; Mute, let us ponder and await for the Light of the World to awake.

Good Friday

In what seemed to be the blink of an eye, the world as they had come to know it changed. The master became their servant; The Rabbi has become the convict; The hands that healed the sick and fed the hungry will be pierced and pinned to the cross; The One whom even the winds and the sea obeyed is meek as a lamb led to his slaughter. The One who had given comfort now needs to be consoled; The well that []

“Not me, Lord, surely?”

And while they were eating he said, ‘In truth I tell you, one of you is about to betray me.’ They were greatly distressed and started asking him in turn, ‘Not me, Lord, surely?’ – Matthew 26:21-22 It wasn’t that long ago that, if Jesus had turned to me and told me that I was going to betray him, that I would have said the very same thing, “Not me, Lord, surely?” I would have thought, “Have I not chosen to follow []


Catherine Doherty & Dorothy Day Who are the ones who will exhort me, encourage me, comfort me; Who will reprimand me, push []

The flesh is weak

“My life is too comfortable.” The thought came to me today. My life is too comfortable for it to be good for me. And yet, I don’t feel like changing things. I don’t want to be uncomfortable. It seems to me that this prayer makes the most sense for me because I cannot do anything for myself: Lord, do what You will; Do what is needed to be done unto me, Whatever is needed for me to be Yours totally and completely. []

Speak. Don’t speak.

Speak, if necessary; if the words will edify you, if it is necessary for the one you wish to speak to. Otherwise, don’t speak. Remain in silence, undisturbed, and be at peace. “Keep the lid closed.” That’s how I have been feeling this Lent. Sometimes I feel an initial urge to say something or contact someone,  but this urge is followed by a deeper tug – silent but compelling –  to not speak; to guard the container of my heart and not []