Speak. Don’t speak.

Speak, if necessary; if the words will edify you, if it is necessary for the one you wish to speak to. Otherwise, don’t speak. Remain in silence, undisturbed, and be at peace. “Keep the lid closed.” That’s how I have been feeling this Lent. Sometimes I feel an initial urge to say something or contact someone,  but this urge is followed by a deeper tug – silent but compelling –  to not speak; to guard the container of my heart and not []

The Command

Go, descend into the bowels of the abyss, Into the darkest of the dark, Into the stillness that suffocates, Into the silence []


I turned 36 yesterday, and here were some thoughts that I had on my birthday: How long do I wish to live? []


Lest I take him for granted or become complacent about my progress in the spiritual life, God hides his face from me. []