Tucked In

These days, you’ve been leaving for work before I wake up. Dimly through the fog of sleep, I feel you tuck the comforter around me and kiss me on my forehead before you go. And right then, even before I’m fully awake, I start missing you. In that simple action of tucking me in, you […]

You're wonderful

There are so many things about you that I appreciate. But today there’s something in particular I want to thank you for. I want to thank you for supporting me with all your heart. You’ve always conveyed to me beyond the shadow of a doubt that you will do everything you can to help me […]

Valentine's Day

No need for roses. Nor candle-lit dinner. Nor wine. Nor music. Nor card. Nor gift. In hundreds of ways it’s loud and clear: You love me. And the little ways in which you announce your love everyday are infinitely more real than anything money can buy. I already have all I ever need or want […]

My 'Keeper'

You know you’ve found a keeper when: He wakes up more than an hour earlier than he normally does to have coffee and a morning chat with your jet-lagged brother. He makes a simple board game side-splittingly funny for your entire family with his corny antics and doesn’t care when he loses. Your mother confides […]