Valentine's Day

No need for roses. Nor candle-lit dinner. Nor wine. Nor music. Nor card. Nor gift.

In hundreds of ways it’s loud and clear: You love me. And the little ways in which you announce your love everyday are infinitely more real than anything money can buy.

I already have all I ever need or want in you. Thank you for sharing your life with me, sweetie. Thank you for loving me!

On this Valentine’s Day, Ithaca is snowing like crazy. And to a certain extent, snow has got a special place in our relationship. We started this journey in cold cold Toronto, which is covered with snow almost one-third of the time. And we’ve had many wonderful memories walking in snow, playing with snow… So, since there was so much snow in Ithaca today, I decided to make you a present with the snow out on my balcony:

Thank you for the journey that we’ve shared, for the love, joy and laughter. Indeed, it was with joyful hearts that we’ve walked these past 8 years. I know that we’ll continue to do so for many years to come. I thank you, too, for your unselfish love because that is the reason I could be who I am today. *Hugz*

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