A Very Good Heart

One of the attributes that attracted me to Zibin in those early days, even before we were more than friends, was how he was kind to everyone.

You could be a good friend, or an acquaintance he barely knows… you could even be a perfect stranger. But if you approached him for help, he would never dismiss you. Even if he couldn’t be of help, you would get an apologetic smile and a cheery good-bye.

Sometimes, other people’s immature and inconsiderate behaviour grates on my nerves and it takes me more effort than usual to be forgiving, patient, and understanding. At times like these though, I am even more appreciative at how life-giving my partner is. He’s one of those people that always put other people’s needs or even wants above his own. And because he is also very aware of the needs of people around him, he makes life better for others even when they are unaware.

I am so proud of him.

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