My first book chapter!

Just saw an email in my inbox… “Dear Ann, Your proposal has been accepted. The first draft of the manuscript is due 1st August 2005…”

That’s a proposal I submitted for a chapter in a book that’s going to be titled Reforming Learning: Issues, Concepts and Practices in the Asia-pacific Region. And it’s based on a paper I wrote last summer as the product of some personal research I did at NIE. The prof supervising my research told me about this book and suggested we co-submit a proposal based on the paper I wrote. I did, then forgot about it (quite honestly. It was back in January!) Till now.

Surreal. There’s a saying in the academic world… “publish or perish”. I should be excited about getting published right? I confess more than anything I’m relieved that I’m starting this process. But don’t get me wrong… I’m excited as well. It will be cool to see my work there in a book… even if I gotta share authorship :P

Guess it’s gonna be a busy summer back in Singapore. My dissertation proposal. Serena’s wedding. Furnishing Zibin’s new flat. SSHRC proposal. Now this manuscript! No wonder all my grand summer plans usually fail to materialize… ha ha.

But no matter what, am determined to do a few things (other than mandatory makan and meeting up w friends). Visit Pandan Reservoir (no matter how hot the day may be) and be tourist for a day with Zibin. Retreat at Canossian Convent. Play duplicate bridge at least once in Singapore.

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  1. Dearest Darling,
    Do you know how proud I am of you? I’ve always known that you’re good… *smug look* But anyways, I am so happy for you! God has blessed you abundantly, and for a reason, I’m sure. So make good use of the talent He has blessed you with. Meanwhile, keep going and remember, I love you!

  2. Dearest Ann,

    Just want to say I’m really proud of you too :)

    And you forgot to add one more thing that you’re supposed to do this Summer, you know what it is? :)

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