Bridge and B&B

I’m hosting 2 houseguests in my apartment right now – friends of friends who came from Singapore to stay for 12 days. Stayed up till 3a.m. the night before giving the place a thorough clean and tidying which it hasn’t been subjected to since more than a month ago. By the time I was done, the floors were gleaming, the guest bathroom was sparkling clean, the kitchen looked like nobody had ever cooked in it before and the entire apartment smelled fresh and lemony. And i was totally wiped out. But the sense of satisfaction of a job well done was reward enough, even before I basked in the compliments my guests lavished on my lovely and well-kept apartment *wink*. They even asked me a very interesting question, “Do you clean the entire place by yourself?” Hmm…the first response tt came to mind was “No, I’ve got a genie that comes out every night and cleans the apt for me.” But I wisely figured that wasn’t the best way to start a 12 day ‘relationship’ with them and kept my mouth shut :P

Staying up that late rushing a paper and cleaning house paid a price though. Lack of sleep is bad enough. I went to play bridge at the club on an empty stomach. As if that isn’t enough reason for misery (as an empty stomach often is!), for a second week in a row my bridge play sucked big time. I feel so bad for Daryl. He’s been very encouraging though… and the upside of me making so many mistakes when playing with him is that he points them out one by one. So I get a lesson each time I screw up. With the way I was playing last night, I had bridge lessons flowing out of my ears by the time we were done with supper. One other good thing came out of supping together with Daryl. He said next week onwards we will eat BEFORE playing bridge. *YAY* Must be he saw how fast I inhaled my pita and took pity on me…

This morning it was with a sense of relief that I found we didn’t score too badly (well, for my standards at least). We got 46.88%, up from our 43.65% last week. But for poor Daryl, it’s the 4th straight week for him without masterpoints (of which only 2 were my fault), and that’s highly unusual for him. I shall try my utmost best to clear my mind before next week and digest some of the 5 bridge books he passed me.

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