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Reading my roommate’s latest blog entry struck a chord deep within me. I too feel that 2005 so far has been a year of change for me, although I can’t quite figure out what the change is for and where it is heading.

I feel like I’ve been prodded awake from a long and comfortable slumber and I’m in the moment between sleep and wakefulness when I don’t yet have my bearings and am grumpily wondering why I’m being woken up. Well, in the last few years I had wondered how long this relatively peaceful lull in my life was going to last… guess I’m getting my question answered!

Anyway, to my fellow ‘caterpillars’ out there going through your own metamorphoses, here’s something I found that you may be interested in reading. It’s from Oprah’s website, and it’s called Growing Wings. May we all find the patience, wisdom and courage to someday emerge from our cocoons and take to the skies once again.

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