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Found a new study-buddy yesterday (the young and adorable Huixuan, all of 18 years old) but instead of studying we spent half the time trading mp3s, listening to Tom Lehrer’s corny songs and making my desktop ‘cooler’. Huixuan introduced me to this program called ObjectDock which turns a PC desktop into a Macintosh look-a-like… The photo u see above is wat it looks like. So instead of boring icons cluttering your desktop, u have them in one cool row which magnifies when you put your cursor over them. Cool stuff. Really. Check it out for yourself: ObjectDock


  1. I returnth, to defend my pride and honour! :)

    And my reputation of course :P. Cmon, I’m just 17 (like you said). I have to be more innocent!


  2. Innocence is a state of mind…and I’m sad to inform you, my dear young friend, that in this department it’s quite futile for you to attempt any defence :P

  3. I’m sorry that I have to comment, that from an engineer’s point of view, assuming innocence is a state of mind, an absence of the mind will IMPLY an absence of innocence… *tsk tsk* At such a tender age of 17, if I may add…

    Your Neighbourhood Attap Chee Seller

  4. *laughs.

    Alright, I’ll have to give that to you, Attapchee Seller, if you would give me a batch of attapchee for dessert after dinner tonight :).

  5. Now now, haven’t you been reading my name correctly? If I were to GIVE you a batch of attap chee, I would be called Your Neighbourhood Attap Chee Giver, and not Your Neighbourhood Attap Chee Seller. But I can always considering GIVING you some chiku or lulian if you want…

  6. *grins

    Okay, so you heard about ‘Promotions’. And you’re supposed to be sweet and lovable, or I might just prod Ann into carrying out her ice kacang threat :).

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