Babee Brudder

This msg is for my brother who is booking in to OCS again after a well-deserved long weekend home. J-B, thanks for leaving me msgs on your blog – it’s always nice to know tt my favourite sibling misses me in the midst of his busy life what with army and girlfriend.

Your latest blog entry made me reminicisce about our 4 years together in 217-222 Elm St too. You know what I miss most? Our soccer banter… since you left, my soccer GK has plunged abysmally. And home in Toronto doesn’t quite seem the same without waking up on weekend mornings to see you huddled in front of the muted TV (so that I’m not woken up by the noise) watching soccer. And I even miss you hollering for me everytime your team scores a goal. My reaction time has slowed from the lack of practice of running out when I hear your “JIE!”

I miss debating over whose turn it is to order pizza or swiss chalet. I miss crowding in front of your computer with our dinner/lunch to watch Friends or 3rd Rock from the Sun or some other movie while we eat. Definitely miss you dragging me from my room to sit in front of your comp while you show me some cool new computer game you’ve bought. Hmm… don’t miss as much having to play the comp games with you, although there is a certain entertainment derived from watching myself play sooo badly (remember my Legolas that couldn’t walk straight in the Paths of the Dead?).

Before you graduated, I knew Toronto wouldn’t be the same without you, and it isn’t. But I’ll be home soon for the summer. I’ll see you in 2 weeks’ time, and we’ll have time to ‘ketchup’ then. Till then, take care in OCS and drive carefully when you’re out on the weekends!

One more thing. No matter how u grow and change, u can never escape being my babeee brudder! Ciao.


  1. Feels strange for me to leave a comment here, especially since this post was dedicated to your darling brother, but reading what you have wrote, makes me think of the 222 Elm Street days.

    I still remember knocking on your door to borrow eggs from you, having you come over to eat ice cream with banana and chocolate sauce together, watching dvds that we rent at the video store together, watching phua chu kang together, celebrating your birthday with the cakes from Sensational Cafe, having Weizhen over, showing each other what we bought from our shopping, taking unforgettable photographs together in the room (not to mention the laundry room)…. Those times, we were a little crazy, but I am so proud of the times we spent together…. I believe people who have been crazy before truly know what happiness is…. And we have been crazy many many times…. :)

    Now that I’m a mother, it’s hard to imagine me being crazy as we used to be before…. But those memories are still very very dear to me…. The other day, Jiafu and I were talking at 3am in bed after feeding Zonghan, about the days in Toronto. And then we started to talk about snowball fights. That was when it struck me that the first person who hit me with a snowball was your Hyper_Henry. Isn’t that amazing? And remember how we used to write on the snow? And the other day I was talking to Kristen, we talked about a lot of things. And a lot of images still remain very vivid and strong in my mind. It’s almost as if I could see myself walking in the same scene again, feeling the same things, both internally and externally. And Jiafu and I were debating which building in U of T we like best ( remember how I didn’t like to call University of Toronto U of T? *wide grin* )

    Oh well, I better apologise to your darling brother for writing so much comments in a post that you dedicated to him. I missed being your neighbour. And of course, all the dinner rendezvous that the three of us had in my last year there, heh heh. :) I also remember John coming to watch soccer in my room sometimes on Saturday morning, and you coming over to watch Friends together.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to live together, in the kind of world where we belong?

  2. Wow! So cool to have such a long and wonderful comment from you… i’m sure John doesn’t mind lah!

    But you’re right, Yinwei. It feels like an era has passed. In fact to me it feels like 2 eras have passed. The first was when you graduated and left Toronto…and then last year, when John left. Thinking about the days when we would go shopping together, or have suppers together, or watch friends or read archies together while we munch… that almost feels like a life-time ago.

    We had all kinds of memories of our time at 222 Elm St and Toronto, don’t we? Crazy ones, hliarious ones, happy ones, and even our fair share of sad ones. But all of them are precious and I’ll never forget them. And I’m so glad we have so many photos documenting our craziness! Remember our fashion photo-shoot and the photo of you in a ‘cramped’ position? :P

    And how abt the crazy laundry photos? Xiao. Who else wld bring camera to do laundry. Lol.

    It’s a different Toronto I’m experiencing now, especially after John’s left. It’s not really worse, in fact I’ve been having a lot of fun… but that will never dilute the memories I have of my first 4 years here. With you, Zibin, and John.

    U’ve sent me on another trip down memory lane! Hope we’ll have a chance to reminisce together when I return… as I admire your beautiful baby boy :P

  3. Wahrggh, boo hoo hoo, it’s only 2 era for Ann… One was when Yinwei left and one when John left, and none for Hyper Henry (who incidentally threw the first snow ball at Yinwei, so that should at least suffice for half an era)? Sigh, sometimes memories can be fleeting, isn’t it? *wink*

    By the way, Yinwei, I hope the first snow ball didn’t hurt you, but I’m sure glad that memory stuck in your head. I can also still remember my first snow ball fight. It sure was great fun.

  4. I knew it, I just knew HyperHenry will complain about the 2 era thing…

    Ok lah, actually I did think of putting down 3 eras, but then hor, I always felt less discontinuation from when HyperHenry left Toronto cos we still very much in touch mah. More in touch than with Yinwei or even Johnny mah (now tt he’s in army and everything).

    So I don’t see it as an era that has passed… i will always remember those first 2 years in Toronto with HyperHenry as the beginning of an era tt’s still going on…

    How? My reply can pass or not? :P

    P.S. Incidentally, FYI HyperHenry’s first snow ball fight was a small little girl throwing a snowball at him!

  5. Haha, wow, so many comments, so cool! :)

    Sorry, I can’t resist, but Hyper_Henry, serves you right lah :) Hooray for the little girl… :)

    Hyper_Henry, no lah, your leaving doesn’t suffice as an era (not even half lah, haha), cos you more special…. You first place in Ann’s heart, so of course, not the end of an era mah…. :) (Ann, somehow I am reminded of Rachel and Monica’s “end of an era” scene in Friends, are you? ) :)

  6. Dear Attap Chee,

    Let’s not be too rouma on blog ok? :P Btw, thank u for the A+.

    Tutti Frutti

    P.S. Is it kacang or kachang? I gotta go ask my mom…

  7. Dear Ann,
    Your request has been noted. “Rouma” will subsequently be removed from your blog. Should you have further query, please direct them to our sales department. One of our sales executive will be glad to assist you.

    Your Neighbourhood Attap Chee Seller

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