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It’s funny the little things I take for granted in Toronto. Like a quality Jap meal for under $15. While I was in London, Ont. today for the CSSE conference, Erin felt like having sushi for lunch. We drove around a while till we found a decent looking Jap place. Fish wasn’t all that fresh. Portions weren’t all that big. The bill was another matter… $44 for the 2 of us. Lunch!

On the way to London we drove by some gorgeous scenery… low hills densely filled with thick, green foliage… wild flowers spotting wide expanses of green green grass underneath startling clear blue skies. It was stunning. And yet, all that natural beauty could not compare to the sight of a deserted University Ave when I stepped out of St. Patrick subway station at 10p.m. It’s odd. I was gone from Toronto for only half a day, and yet the sense of homecoming as I walked that short stretch of distance between the subway and my apartment was strangely palpable.

Maybe it’s because I’m leaving Toronto for the summer tomorrow. Maybe it’s because after almost seven years this rather nondescript city has wedged itself in my heart even deeper than I realized. I never used to consider myself a city girl… but tonight, for tonight at least, I belong to this city.


  1. May we should seriously considering making Toronto our ‘home’ one day. It holds special memories for us, and I am sure it is a beautiful city for us to ‘retire’ in. Besides, I am sure when we grow old and are no longer able to contribute to the economy of Singapore, they will be more than happy to be ‘rid’ of us, huh? :)

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